Professional Jewelry Appraisal

At Red Velvet Luxe, we provide complimentary appraisals for all fine jewelry purchased from RVL as well as merchandise not purchased at RVL for a nominal fee.

Your appraisal is needed to insure your jewelry. Each valuation provides you with the estimated cost of replacing the item or recreating it as closely as possible. Taken into consideration are current market prices, labor costs, creative design as well as other market activity. We recommend updating your appraisals every 5 years.

Jewelry Buy Back

We offer a buy back program for your old jewelry, diamonds and Luxury watches. Turn your old outdated jewelry and diamonds into either CASH or restyled into something new! “Dig for gold” – go through your draws and bring in broken chains, one earring or just jewelry you never wear and go home with money in your pocket or purchase something new from Red Velvet Luxe.

Earn an additional 5% more back towards your new purchase!! For more details, give us a call.

Gift Wrapping

Every purchase at Red Velvet Luxe is gift wrapped with Red Velvet pouches or our unique red ribbon magnetic closure gift boxes and finished off with silver sparkling paper and of course our Red tote shopping bag. No matter what you’re celebrating, every jewelry purchase is special. To us, that means completing your order with packaging as distinctive and sophisticated as your new jewelry.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning

It is our pleasure to have your Red Velvet Luxe Fine Jewelry cleaned and inspected as many times as you want, free of charge. A regular cleaning and inspection will not only keep your jewelry sparkling and looking beautiful but it will also prevent problems and repairs needed less often. Dirt and grime
build -up can compromise your stones, bend clasps and loosen prongs. So please be sure to come in and ask to have your Red Velvet Luxe fine jewelry purchases cleaned and inspected twice a year. It is also our pleasure to “sparkle you up” for special occasions and parties so you shine for all to enjoy your beautiful jewelry.

Professional Watch Repairs

As a former CEO from the Luxury Watch and Jewelry industry, owner, Randi Shinske takes pride in providing and educating her customers with expertise on watch repair services. All watch repairs, including battery changes are done by our skilled certified watchmaker. Complimentary estimates are provided for all luxury watch repairs in advance for your approval before work is done. Red Velvet Luxe offers a one year warranty on all watch repair services provided including all watches purchased from Red Velvet Luxe.

Expert Jewelry Repair

Red Velvet Luxe is here to offer full jewelry repair services to keep your precious as well sterling and costume jewelry in top condition. From cleaning and polishing fine jewelry to resizing your wedding/engagement rings; we do it right and stand behind our work. We can accommodate many requests from a simple jewelry repair to custom design services and pearl re-stringing. Estimates are provided free of charge at your request

The following are typical repair services we offer:

  • Ring Sizing
  • Prong and Tip Repair
  • Diamond and Gemstone Setting or Upgrading
  • Solder Rings, Chains and Bracelets
  • Watch Repair and Battery Replacement
  • Restring Pearl Necklaces and Bracelets
  • Jewelry Cleaning, refinishing and revitalization
  • Personalized Engraving

Custom Jewelry Design

Re-style, refresh and redesign your fine jewelry. Randi loves working directly with her customers to redesign outdated jewelry or recreate family heirlooms into fresh new looks to be enjoyed today. She can either start from a vision to create a totally custom design or redesign from existing pieces of jewelry or stones. At Red Velvet Luxe, we love to work with you to upgrade your diamonds and give them a new way to sparkle and shine…. We make the experience fun and easy to create unique beautiful one of a kind new creations just for you! We bring your visions and dreams into reality.

Personalized Wish lists

Start wishing and hoping and Red Velvet Luxe will make your dreams come true…..come in and shop the store by making a wish list of various price points from fine jewelry and sterling silver and you’re on your way. We keep an ongoing updated wish list for your convenience. All you need to do is send in your “peeps” for that special occasion, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc etc and we will take it from there. It’s a win win – home run for all – creating an easy shopping experience that guarantees a beautiful piece of jewelry that you want and love!!


At Red Velvet Luxe, most all of our fine jewelry are one of a kind pieces, therefore, we offer our customers a unique 3 month layaway plan. A 50% deposit will take that item off the floor and guarantee that it is yours and cannot be sold to anyone else!!! We generously offer you 3 months to pay off the balance any which way you choose. All deposits are nonrefundable.